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Trap Wave (Drum Kit)

Trap Wave (Drum Kit)

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🌊 Trap Wave Drum-Kit 🪖

-Kit designed by @basedboydmarc

"Trap Wave" is your passport to the gritty sounds of the streets, meticulously curated for Trap and West Coast instrumentals. This essential sound kit is packed with heavy 808s, razor-sharp hi-hats, thunderous snares, and distorted kicks, offering an authentic and grimy vibe. Transport your music to the urban jungle and infuse your tracks with the raw power of the streets using "Trap Wave." Elevate your productions and capture the pulse of the city with every beat

-What’s inside kit:

🌊 45 808s
🌊 3 Kicks
🌊 9 Bass
🌊 8 Claps
🌊 3 Snaps
🌊 19 Snares
🌊 17 HiHats
🌊 8 Open Hats
🌊 17 Percs
🌊 12 SFX

🖼️ Cover Art by: @basedboydmarc
📺 NFO Art by: @basedboydmarc

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