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BasedBoyDMarc - One Shot Template (FL 21)

BasedBoyDMarc - One Shot Template (FL 21)

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This Template was made for One Shot sample making.
I made this template for those who don’t really know how to use my oneshots kits.
This Template is also a great way to speed your sample/loop kit process!

This kit includes:

  • 3 flp files with 2 of the 3 files made for 16/12 channel mixing boards ( or any midi controllers with faders and knobs you can link to the FL Studio mixer)
  • 4 Bus Mixer Tracks / 4 Effect Send Mixer Tracks (customizable for your plugin's)
  • All effects used in this template uses stock FL plugins.
  • Pre-Made channels for your One Shots. (Can be customized in the Settings tab in the Sampler)
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